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Camp Policies & General Information


Seventh-day Adventists and their friends will find Camp Winnekeag an ideal location for inspiration, fellowship and recreation. Operated by the Southern New England Conference of Seventh-day Adventist, it is used for youth camps June through August, and is available to families, youth groups, church gatherings and small conventions from September through the last weekend of May.

Location and Setting

Camp Winnekeag is situated beside beautiful Lake Winnekeag in Ashburnham, Massachusetts and central to many historical sites. There are trails for hiking and abundant opportunities for nature study and photography. The lake affords the water enthusiast opportunities to swim, canoe, kayak, paddle,  or ski. Other activities include a climbing wall, canopy zip line and archery. There is abundant room for tent camping and a few RV sites. Our Activity Center has a capacity of 500 and is equipped for both basketball and volley ball. The camp is dedicated to the preservation of the natural beauty of the camp and surrounding area. Each visitor is encouraged to participate in this endeavor.


All buildings are winterized.

Headquarters 8 people (maximum capacity)

Pathfinder Lodge 56 people (maximum capacity)

Cabins 108 people (maximum capacity)

RV Sites 5 (3 full & 2 with water and electric)

Tent Sites 12 (no hookups)

Eagle Eye Cabin 6 (Call for Availability)
Group leaders should not plan for more than this number due to State and Local Codes. 

Group Insurance

All groups must have accident insurance coverage that covers events conducted away from your facility. If you are a church or school sponsored group and desire to be covered by their insurance please obtain board approval. 

Exclusive Use Policy

Only user groups over 100 people may rent the entire facility, unless it is a couple’s retreat that would use 75% of the facilities.The camp reserves the right to book multiple groups and will do its best to match groups that are compatible so as to best use the resources of camp and meet the needs of the constituents of SNEC.

Reservation Policy

All reservations must be made with and sent to Camp Winnekeag.

1. The application and reservation deposit are required before being considered for confirmation.

2. We reserve on a first come first serve basis.

3. We begin taking reservations for the following year beginning on the first Monday of November in the current year, starting at 9:00 am.

4. SNEC office directors are allowed to book up to 18 months prior to their event.

5. SNEC Constituent Members are given priority booking November through December. 

6. Beginning first Monday of January, booking is open for the current year to all that meet policy requirements of the camp and SNEC. 

7. Requested dates by phone or in person without filling out an application will be held for 10 days to allow time for the application and registration deposit to be sent and received by the camp. (It is strongly recommended that you call the camp the day you send the application and registration deposit so that we can be looking for it and not release your date to another group.) If application  and reservation deposit are not received within 10 days it will be opened to other groups who may be waiting without notice.  

8. All prior financial obligations must be paid in full before being allowed to book another event at camp. 

Reservation Fee Policy

The camp must be in receipt of your Reservation Fee and application before you can  receive confirmation. The Reservation Fee is to be returned to Camp Winnekeag within 10 days of booking your event. This fee is not refundable if you cancel your event less than 90 days prior to your event. This fee will be applied as a deduction on your final invoice.

Confirmation Policy

Do not assume confirmation until you have received confirmation from the camp by phone, email, or letter. You should receive notice within 10 business days of receiving your application and deposit. 

Cancellation Policy

Full refund if camp has to cancel your event

If you cancel:

> 90 day notice of cancellation1/4 of the deposit will be returned

< 90 day notice – no refund

Conference bookings will be charged $2000 unless the event can be rebooked in the same calendar year or the time slot is booked by similar size group.

Advanced Guarantee Meal Count Policy

If the camp is providing food for your group, the “Advanced Guarantee Meal Count” must be returned no later than (15) days prior to your event. After this date there will be an additional 10% late fee added to the total meal count multiplied by the lowest meal cost.

Payment Policy

Please collect money from individual campers and pay the total in one check, made out to Camp Winnekeag. All invoices are due within 30 days, unless arrangements are made with the manager. Groups with outstanding bills will loose their privilege of rebooking the camp until the balance is paid in full.

Sabbath Offering vs Sabbath Commuter rate

Per the request of the Camp Operating Board, the Sabbath Service loose offering, if given to the camp, may be substituted for the commuter daily rate on Sabbath only.

Six days a week we collect $5.50/ person/ day, but on the Sabbath, we pray that you will be impressed, by the Spirit, to give an amount that expresses your gratitude for the camp that our Lord and Savior has given to each of us to enjoy, and come apart from the rest of the world, to find peace and rest.

Camp Manager / Assistant Ranger

The Camp Manager lives two houses North of camp on the left side. (285 Ashby Road)

The Assistant Ranger lives in blue house across the street from the Camp entrance.

They are available to assist you. However, except for an emergency, please do not disturb them after 10pm or before 7am. (contact information is listed on the front page of the billing worksheet that you receive from your host when you arrive). 

Strongly Recommended

Medical personnel with current certification and a first aid kit. Group Leaders should have with them the names and addresses of all participants, emergency contact names and phone numbers, a listing of any person with known allergies or health conditions requiring treatment, restriction, or special accommodations while on site. Information that effects camp personnel should be passed on to the camp host upon arrival.

Minors without a parent on site are required to have a signed permission form that includes permission to seek emergency treatment or a signed religious waiver. This form can be downloaded from our web site and is the responsibility of the group leader. 

Camp Winnekeag

Address: 257 Ashby Rd Ashburnham, MA 01430