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Camp Winnekeag Group Requirements For Off-Season Guests

To provide the most beneficial camping experience, groups are asked to follow these procedures:


Group Leader

The Group Leader should clearly convey their residence while on the grounds so that the needs of the people can be met. Guests being locked out of ones room are not uncommon.  The Group Leader will receive from the Camp Host the key to open the necessary doors and a radio if requested. Group Leaders are responsible for proper supervision, the groups behavior and for enforcing the camps policies. Group Leaders should consider how they will communicate with their campers should an emergency occur, such as a medical emergency, fire or missing person.

Group Leaders check list:

1. Make arrangements to have proper Insurance coverage for this event (if church group, be sure to have church board approval otherwise contact your insurance carrier and discuss proper coverage.)

2. Arrive before group arrives

3. Meet with Camp Host and discuss any issues or needs. Be sure to exchange contact information should there be a need.

4. Register guests and inform them of the camps policies, where you can be located, and what to do in case of an emergency.


Proper adult supervision of minors (those under 18) is the responsibility of the Group Leader. We recommend a 1:8 ratio for minors not needing assistance who are in attendance without a parent or legal guardian present. If you have participants that are in need of assistance please adjust the ratio to fit those needs.

Attending parents or legal guardians are responsible for the safety of their own children and their actions.

Group leaders need to train each group supervisors that they are not to be alone with any minor at any time.

It is strongly recommended that group leaders have an appropriate screening policy for there staff that have responsibility for or access to campers.

Supervision of Specialized Activities

Archery, Challenge Course, Swimming and Boating activities are considered specialized activities that require persons with specialized training and skills. User groups are responsible for making proper arrangements with the camp if these activities are to be utilized by the group.  Other than lifeguards for swimming and small boats the camp will provide the personnel for these activities and is responsible for the proper supervision and care of those participating in these activities.

If swimming or small boats is an activity requested, user groups may provide their own lifeguard(s) provided they present a current lifeguard and CPR/ AED certificate recognized by a nationally recognized provider to the camp Host prior to the swimming or small boats area being opened.

For all aquatic activities the posted safety regulations will be enforced by the designated supervisor or facilitator. These regulations will be reviewed with the designated supervisor by the Camp Host prior to group members being allowed to participate. Please make arrangements with the Camp Host a head of time so there is adequate time to accomplish this and not cut into the participates time. 

Potential Risks

1. Wildlife: Potentially dangerous wildlife may be encountered while at Camp Winnekeag

2. Lake Winnekeag: Lake Winnekeag poses a drowning hazard if the rules of the lake are not adhered to.

Check-in Check-out Time

Check in time is between 3-5pm.The Group Leader or his/her delegate are required to check in with the camp host before the camp will be opened to the group, and be prepared to welcome, check in, and orient the rest of their group. Orientation should include conveying Camp Winnekeag Policies. 

Departure day checkout time is 11:00 a.m. Special arrangements can be made with the Camp Manager.

Vehicles in Camp

Observe One-way traffic 
Adhere to 5 MPH Speed limit 
Do not Drive on the Grass or Sidewalks 
Those staying overnight at the Pathfinder Lodge may use the designated parking spaces at the lodge, all others must park in the main parking lot at the entrance to camp, unless permission by the Camp Host has been granted. There will be a $25 per vehicle charge for vehicles driving on the grass or sidewalks. 

Firearms Prohibited

Absolutely no firearms, firecrackers, guns of any kind, or articles of incendiary nature are allowed on camp property.

Alcoholic Beverages, Smoking and Drugs Prohibited

No smoking, alcoholic beverages or drugs are allowed on the camps grounds.


Pets are not allowed at camp. We have no place to house them and other guests may not appreciate them.


Fishing is not allowed from camp shores, docks, or boats.

Protecting the Rights of Others

The “Lake Association” has asked that camp be quiet from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 am. This is to be announced and enforced by the Group Leader.

Protecting the Environment

Animal and plant life, whether dead or alive is to be considered sacred and to be observed in its natural state. Please refrain from catching, cutting or picking, or throwing anything into our lake so that others may also enjoy Gods great creation.


Fires must be pre-approved by the Camp Manager. Unauthorized fires are considered vandalism and will be considered as damage to the camp. Damage fee $150 and up depending on severity.

Telephone / Internet

In emergency cases the secretaries phone at the main office may be used. False 911 calls will be charged $50.00 per incident to the group or individual. 

Internet is available with a pass-word that may be obtained from the camp host by the group leader, please use responsibly.

Sound Systems

Each group should provide their own sound system if possible. The camp does have limited built in systems in the Activity Center, Pathfinder Lodge, and the Feather Inn.

Damage Fees

Any and all damage caused by the group will be assessed by the Camp Manager and will be paid by the individual or group in increments of $25.

Lost and Found

Camp Winnekeag is not responsible for articles or money that may be lost, stolen or broken. Items left at camp will be kept for two weeks. Then it will be given to Community Services.

Medical Needs

Call 911 for Life Threatening Emergencies. User groups are responsible for providing their own emergency care and first aid, including first-aid supplies, storage of collected meds if applicable and emergency transportation. Medical needs, including the possibility of emergencies, should be considered in advance. Each group is advised to have an adult that is currently certified by a nationally recognized provider in age -appropriate CPR / AED and First Aid on duty for emergency care. Each group should provide their own first aid kit as the camps clinic is only staffed during summer camp. Any incident requiring emergency care must be reported to the Camp Host within 24 hours of the incident accompanied by a written report of what happened, its location and the name and contact information of the injured and any witnesses.

Very few accidents have ever happened at Camp Winnekeag, and we would like to keep it that way.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Always provide proper supervision

2. Wear appropriate shoes and clothing.

3. Never hike or run alone.

4. Allow time to rest between activities.

5. Drink Plenty of water

6. Get proper rest

7. Obey the camp rules

Food Service

Food Service is available for groups of 30 or more (see rate sheet). Prior arrangements must be made and the “Advance Meal Guarantee count” form must be submitted 15 days before arrival (you will be charged for a minimum of 30 people per meal) a 10% late fee will be applied to the total meal count multiplied by the lowest per meal cost if meal guarantee form is not returned 15 days before your group arrives.

***Food is not to be taken from the dinning hall***

Please encourage all to take only what they will eat, to keep costs down, as no food may be returned to the kitchen for future use. (Even if you have not opened it)

Groups will not have access to the Cafeteria for food preparation or any storage. 

Groups may use the Lodge or Village Kitchen for doing their own food preparation (see rate sheet). The kitchen is equipped with all cooking utensils, grill, range, ovens, cutlery, serving dishes, one freezer, and one refrigerator. . All food should be kept below 40 degrees or above 140 degrees to minimize food contamination. Each group should bring paper plates, cups, napkins, and silverware. All cooking utensils should be washed and air dried and put back in their designated locations. Guidelines for clean up are posted in the Kitchen area. All personal/ group food must be removed from the facility upon departure, and all garbage and trash placed in dumpster behind the Feather Inn.

To discourage rodents and insects in the buildings, there is to be absolutely no open food in sleeping quarters. If group members have brought food or drink, it is up to the Group Leader to see that it is removed and taken care of appropriately.

Proof of Insurance

All groups are strongly encouraged to have group insurance for their event, should an emergency or crises arise. Camp Winnekeag assumes no responsibility of theft or damage to personal property caused by nature or acts beyond our control. Our grounds do not have 24 hr security, so please leave your valuables at home.

Winter Information

Do not walk on the lake ice unless approved by the Camp Host and the Group Leader.

Bicycles, Scooters, Skateboards, Shoe-skates

Bicycles and non-motorized scooters are allowed in camp but must remain on the road (shoe-skates are not allowed in buildings). Operators must wear a helmet and closed-toed shoes and any other appropriate safety gear and be courteous to all foot traffic. The long hill at the activity center and the hill behind the Feather Inn are off limits, as are any of the sidewalks.

Sleeping Facilities

Safety is our first concern. Do not move beds from their established position as they are designed to minimize disease transmission and to provide the safest egress should there be an emergency requiring evacuation. Do not place items on the table under the Emergency Window as this is to be used as an assistant to climb out of the window as safely as possible to a platform outside the window.

Mattresses are not to be moved from assigned rooms or in paths of egress without permission from the camp host and must be returned before departure.

All campers, unless other arrangements are made by the Group Leader, are expected to provide their own bedding

Children under the age of 18 should not be allowed in the sleeping facility without proper supervision.

To keep mice, rats, and other rodents out of your room please do not bring or eat food in your room.

While occupying room, please keep it clean to minimize rodents from entering the buildings.

Special care should be taken to put paper towels, sanitary napkins, and similar items in the trash and not in the plumbing fixtures.

Activity Center and Dinning Room chairs and tables are not to be used outside and are to be put back in their appropriate locations when finished.

When you leave: (1) Clean your room; (2) Close windows; (3) Check drawers and shelves and under bed for belongings; (4) Turn heat down; (5) Open curtains; (6) Turn lights off; (7) Take trash to the dumpster. 

Group Clean-up Responsibilities

Groups have the option of cleaning up after themselves or leaving the cleaning up to the camp staff. Charges will be based on group’s decision. See “Camp Winnekeag Group Clean-up Responsibilities” sheet.

Before departure, the group leader may request a tour with the Camp Host to be sure that camp expectations have been met otherwise they may leave it up to the camp host to assess proper clean up and charge the group $20/ hour for items not properly cleaned.


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